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Fallingwater, also known as Falling Water is a residence located at the far eastern edge of MidMerica, near the EastMerica border, Pennsylvania. The closest big city to Fallingwater is Pittsburgh.



Fallingwater has a private road lined with trees, the residence has a carport where Scythe Curie kept her Porsche.

The home has a river running beneath it, spilling from its foundation into a waterfall. The waterfalls are right beneath an expansive terrace. There is a footbridge that leads the way to the front door.


The main floor is a huge open room with a polished stone floor, wooden furniture, a large fireplace, and a lot of windows.

The home has a twentieth-century decor, with some hints of modernization such as a few simple computer interfaces in unobtrusive corners.

The kitchen is well equipped since Scythe Curie's hobby is cooking. The kitchen holds the dinner table.

The staircase leading to the second floor is lined on the left by layered sheets of granite and rows and rows of shelved books on the right.

The second floor is Scythe Curie's bedroom suite.

The third floor has a smaller bedroom and a study. The bedroom is simply furnished and has huge windows framed in polished cedar with a view to the forest, wrapping around two entire walls, like the rest of the home. This room was Citra's while she lived there. Down the hall there is the study, like every other room in the residence, it has windows on multiple sides. There is a computer interface there, which Citra used for her studies.

The house is kept in perfect order by Scythe Curie. The sound of the river running beneath the home and over the falls is a constant but calming white noise.[1]


The house was designed by a very well-known mortal age architect in the twentieth century. The residence had fallen into disrepair, and no one cared enough to preserve it. Scythe Curie claimed the residence bringing forth the necessary donations to save it which brought it to its former glory.

Known residents[]

  • Scythe Curie (formerly)
  • Citra Terranova (formerly)


  • Fallingwater is based on a real-life location in Pennsylvania.
  • The residence is open for tours and can be viewed in real-time at their official website.
  • In Scythe the historical landmark was called "Falling Water", however, in Thunderhead the spelling was changed to "Fallingwater".